Screenshot of Run!

Welcome to the home page of Run! a simple but effective Run dialog replacement.
As you see from the screenshot in the in the top of the page, it is a single input control.

And it is everything you need for controlling your computer!

Download now! version We are always under construction. construction smile
Size about 550 KB.

A part of all standards Windows run dialog ability Run! also have:

I had the chance of test Run! only on Win2000 and XP operating systems. I programmed carefully in order to make it also working in W9x and WinNT. But I can't be sure. whistle smile

If you want to contact me, and I love to receive, this is my email: ezzetabi (at) katamail (dot) com .
Also you can find me in the Hiddensoft forum.

If you want a preview of the help file, including a full history, follow this link .

This program is a single .exe, but it creates some needed files in its folder. So it is better unpack the .zip file in a new directory. Run! doesn't alter the registry of Windows for saving settings, but only when needed. E.g. for deleting files boot time in WinXP or settings itself as shell. But every change is non permanent.

Run! has been created with AutoIt3, a great and GNU scripting language.
If you like the idea of having a simple, yet very powerful, language that helps you in every repetitive task you can have visit favourite NoNags voted 6/6.

This program is under the GNU license. If you want see the source, just use the command !source.
The source and the files needed for compling will appear in a program subfolder.

I made also this second program, it is almost a joke. It is a leet translator.
I† 4|1ow§ †ranslð†ë frøm añy l4ngùa9e to 13ë† wi†h a §iñ9le 4LT comb0...
If you can't read leet, it means "It allows translate from any language to leet with a single ALT combo..."
Of ¢oùr§e thë §oµrçe i§ iñçlùÞeÞ. Aù†oI† 3 agðin!

Download now! version size about 113 KB.
ezzetabi (at) katamail (dot) com

Have fun writing whole emails to your friends (and me... Blush)!